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This module was designed to help hearing impaired children learn common idioms and sayings, which can often times be confusing. Each idiom has 2 pictures, one for what it sounded like you said and one for what you really meant. There are 2 cards for each idiom, the second card has the positions of the pictures reversed. This was done so that the idioms can be taught with the pictures in a standard position (i.e. "What it sounded like you said" on the top). Then testing or drilling can be done with the pictures in random order.

"Hit the road" - What it sounded like you said

"Hit the road" - What you really meant

A long face
Afraid of his own shadow
All thumbs
As the crow flies
Bear hug
Beating around the bush
Blow raspberries
Blue blood
Bug eyed
Butterflies in your stomach
By the skin of your teeth
Catch some
Clam up
Cold feet
Couch potato
Eagle eyed
Face the music
Fiddle with something
Fit as a fiddle
Flew the coup
Forty winks
Go ape
Green thumb
Head in the clouds
High five
Hit the books
Hit the ceiling
Hit the hay
Hit the road
Hit the roof
Hit the sack
Hold your horses
Horsing around
In hot water
In one ear and out the other
In the doghouse
It’s a breeze
It’s snowing down south
Jail bird
Keep a straight face
Keep it under your hat
Keep your eyes peeled
Kick back
Knee high to a grasshopper
Long in the tooth
Monkey around
Nest egg
Party animals
Piece of cake
Pig out
Puppy love
Put your nose to the grindstone
Raining cats and dogs
Saving for a rainy day
Scaredy cat
Sick as a dog
Take a hike
This place is a zoo
Tied up Trim the tree
Two peas in a pod
Wear your heart on your sleeve
When pigs fly
With Flying colors
Your face is an open book
Your fly is down
Your name will be mud
Zip your lip

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