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Sometimes Laughter IS the best medicine.

Mondegreen - a mistake one makes hearing something, mistaking it for something else. The following Mondegreens are either ones most of us hear when listening to music, or rather unique ones, as you will see. In a parent's discussion group I belong to we were sharing these and decided they were too hysterical to keep to ourselves. We invite everyone to contribute their own mondegreens to this page. Enjoy!

  • Songs give rise to the most mondegreens, with the famous, "There's a bathroom on the right," (CCR: "There's a bad moon on the rise,") and "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy," (Jimmy Hendrix: "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.") Not to mention the mondegreens associated with the Pledge of Allegiance: ". . .one naked individual with liver tea and just rice for all." (. . .one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.)  Of course, there are those favorite hymns: "Gladly, the cross-eyed bear," and "Oh, what a friend we have in cheeses."
  • You know that song....I Second That Emotion (from the big chill soundtrack).  My niece was singing it one day as "Sexy Man in Motion".
  • My mom thought that the BeeGee's song "More than a Woman" was "Bald-Headed Woman" and could not for the LIFE of her figure out why anyone would be singing about such a thing.
  • Our best (or worst!) experience with such things, when our daughter was a bit younger and her dance group danced to the song "Do the Funky Cowboy", she very proudly was singing "do the F___ Cowboy". We cleared that one up quickly!
  • When saying Grace, instead of saying, "Thank you God for daily bread" our son used to say, "Thank you God for Lady Red"
  • Me..... "Goddess great, Goddess good." I still remember finding out it was "GOD IS GREAT." I didn't even know what a goddess was at the time. I had no idea what in the world I was saying!!!!
  • Our daughter just had one the other night, and I just about choked when she asked me about it. She is in Kindergarten this year, and they are learning about reptiles in science. We were watching TV, and that commercial about ED (erectile dysfunction) came on. After it was over, she came up to me and asked, "Mom, why do they say 'This is the face of a reptile's dysfunction?' We're learning about reptiles in school, and none of those guys look like snakes to me!" Now tell me, how do I explain "a reptile's dysfunction" to a 5 year old???
  • Our hearing daughter was always good for these. I have forgotten it exactly now but I remember her Pledge of Allegiance ended with "...One Nation in the garden..." She also used to sing Frosty the snowman with "two eyes made out of cold".
  • My husband was telling me that when he was a kid he thought the Star Spangled Banner was "Oh save us that star spangled banner..." rather than Oh say does that star spangled banner.

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Errors occur in Captioning of CC-TV all the time. Here are some that we have seen or that have been reported to us (so far we only have one reported, but I'm sure that now we're on the lookout for these there will soon be more.):

  •  During the Olympics: ``Hung Aryan swimmers.'' (Hungarian Swimmers).

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