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Headset Magnets

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Magnets should only to be changed by a CI Audiologist!

It is important that the magnet strength of the CI headset be tight enough to hold the headset in place, yet not so tight as to cause problems. If the magnet strength is too great, the blood flow to the tissue under the magnet can be reduced or cut off causing the skin to break down. If you are unsure as to whether your magnet strength is too great or the headset becomes more and more uncomfortable as the day progresses, please consult your audiologist about whether the magnet strength on your headset needs to be adjusted.   

  • Cochlear Corp.

Adjusting the magnet strength on the Cochlear Corp. headsets is done by turning the magnet in the headset (there is even a slot in the top of the headset to help make this easer). Turn it clockwise to make the magnet stronger and counter-clockwise to make it weaker. If this does not make the magnet strength strong or weak enough, a number of alternative strength magnets are available.

  • Advanced Bionics

Adjusting the magnet strength on the Advanced Bionics headsets requires the addition or removal of magnet discs from the headset.

Barb Stroer, Audiologist for Advanced Bionics tells us:

       "Until September 1997,  there were three different strength magnets and the strengths were indicated by different magnet colors - orange/weakest, green, and red/strongest.
       After September 1997, only orange magnets have been available, but up to 5 of them can be stacked in the headpiece - three fit under the flat magnet cover on the headpiece and if 4 or 5 are needed, then the raised magnet cover is used.   The magnetic strength is determined by the number of orange magnets that are placed inside the headpiece.  One orange is still the least magnetic strength,   2 orange magnets are approximately the same strength as one green magnet and  3 orange magnets are about the same strength as 1 red magnet.
       So, a center may no longer have green or red magnets but equivalent strengths can be obtained by using the orange magnets."
  • Med-El

Adjusting the magnet strength on the Med-El headsets requires the addition or removal of magnet discs from the headset. My contact at Med-El points out that as the skin flap heals, it's normal to need to adjust the magnet strength.

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