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Early Intervention
Regulations for Department of Defense Schools
Sample Letters
It is my dream that one day most of the information on this page will no longer be needed.

In order to help you find the best resources and information for the IDEA and IEPs, I am joining forces with my very good friend, Sherry Zeilstra. Both of us will be working to bring you even more of the support and information that you are looking for.

z.gif (2257 bytes) Education of Special Needs Children ADA, IDEA, and Advocacy
Early Intervention Special Education Laws and Cases
The IEP Index
Special Teachers Regional and State Education Laws and Information

 It's Outrageous! - Flaky excuses and outrageous statements made by Educrats as well as a few other interesting tidbits.

I couldn't believe it when I read this one. Didn't learn how to read?; Let us buy you a TV set. It's about how the Baltimore school system compensated thousands of special education children who hadn't received the instruction or services they were supposed to get. It belongs on the It's Outrageous page, but I've decided to spotlight it here for the time being.


Children's Rights Coordinators - Qualified AG Bell Association for the Deaf member volunteers throughout the United States, Canada, India, and Mexico who work to ensure that children and adolescents who are deaf or hard of hearing get the support and educational opportunities that they need.

Advocate's Corner -  Tips On Advocating For Your Child from our panel of Advocates.

If Dr. Seuss Had A Special Child

Better Health iVillage sponsered a series of chats on AOL with guest speakers. You can view the event text logs with these links:     

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Overheard in one of the parent support lists I belong to:
>>You know what the road to hell is paved with!
>IEP forms?

cj.gif (3238 bytes) CJ is a parent's advocate who tries to ensure that parents are given the information they need to be effective advocates for their deaf/hoh children. Some of these documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you can download it with the link at the bottom of this page. All of these works remain the intellectual property of CJ. Their presence on this web site does not place them in the public domain. Please do not include any of them in any published material without first obtaining permission.
Additional Agreements. Many times something needs to be added to the IEP but isn't because they can't figure out where to put it, or there isn't any room left where they want to put it. This form is what she uses . You can also download Additional Agreements in Adobe Acrobat format.
Educational Evaluation of Deaf Children. This was written to answer some questions of another parent. She explains why educational evaluations of deaf children should be done with tests normed on hearing children.
IEP Checklist. It's often difficult to remember all the things you want to ask for during an IEP meeting. This form was developed to help you track of everything. Only available in Adobe Acrobat format. Newly revised.
Who Pays for Audiograms Used in Schools? This article was written because CJ has noticed a disturbing trend and she wants to make it known that the school has the responsibility of paying for any audiograms they need.
The Idea Practices website  is an excellent place to start understanding about the sped laws, regulations and practices that regulate special education. 


A Student's Guide to the IEP
Consideration: A detailed look...Has technology been considered?
Deaf Students Education Services; Policy Guidance - A Department of Education document found in the Federal Register
How Not to be Intimidated at Your Next ARD (IEP Meeting)
IEP Ideas for Deaf/HOH Kids
LD Online Search Page - Search using the word IEP.
Learning Disabilities Association New And Revised And Even Better Consent Form - a tongue in cheek look at the evaluation process
OSEP Monitoring Reports
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate
Why & How to Tape Record an IEP Meeting
Writing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) For Success
Your Child's IEP - Practical and Legal Guidance for Parents

You may also want to check out the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing section on the Teaching & Education Resources page.

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Just how well is the IDEA working for "our" kids? The full report of Back to School on Civil Rights: Advancing the Federal Commitment to Leave No Child Behind, by the National Council on Disability, is now available on-line. From the Chairperson's Letter to the President contained in that report:

"Back to School on Civil Rights looks at more than two decades of federal monitoring and enforcement of compliance with Part B of IDEA. Overall, NCD finds that federal efforts to enforce the law over several Administrations have been inconsistent and ineffective. Despite the important efforts of your Administration to be more aggressive than any of its predecessors in addressing these compliance problems, failures to ensure local compliance with Part B requirements continue to be widespread and persist over many years. Enforcement of the law is too often the burden of parents who must invoke formal complaint procedures and request due process hearings to obtain the services and supports to which their children are entitled under law."

Discover IDEA CD

NOW AVAILABLE - Complete information about the IDEA Law and Regulations in an interactive format.


  • Contents include the Statute in entirety (P.L. 105-17)
  • Complete Final Regulations from the Fed. Register of 3/12/99
  • Analysis of comments taken from the Fed. Register of 3/12/99


The CD contains fully linked versions of the IDEA '97 law and regs to help you access, read, search and understand the content. You will be able to:

  • select specific parts, sections, or chapters from a linked Section Index, Topic Index, and Glossary of Definitions and Acronyms.
  • navigate to specific parts, sections, paragraphs, and clauses that are referred to within the documents.
  • link directly to sections dealing with specific "hot" topics or parts of the law or regs of particular interest to you.


DISCOVER IDEA '99 is brought to you as a collaborative effort by many partners. Contact the ASPIIRE or ILIAD IDEA Partnership at The Council for Exceptional Children to order.  

Toll Free: 1(877) CEC-IDEA
TDD: (703) 264-9480

$7.95 each, plus shipping and handling. Bundle pack (10 CDs) for $63.60


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Regulations for DOD (Department of Defense) Schools

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Sample Letters

First I would like to say a little something about what these letters are, and what they are not. Some of them have been written to be "fill in the blank" type, but not all of them. Some of these are slight modifications of actual letters that have been sent in behalf of a child. These are not meant to be cookie cutter letters but are instead meant to give you an idea on how to structure your own letters.

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