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Sample Complaint Letter - Reconsider Denial For Assessment of Interpreter Skills

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Dear Mr/s. <Name of Sped Administrator>:

On X date I requested that <name of interpreter expert> and <name of deaf ed expert> be allowed to observe <name of person currently assigned to interpret> interpreting for my child, <name>. On Y date, you responded to me by <appropriate mode: phone, letter, fax, e-mail, in person> denying that request.

[Or, if no names were involved: In response to my request for an expert to observe <name of person currently assigned to interpret>interpreting for my child, <name>, you stated that you would not allow it. I am asking that you re-consider your position relative to this matter.]

It now appears to me that this issue is becoming rather heated, and it is my sincere desire to avoid adversarial actions. I believe it would be in everyone's best interest to obtain the opinion of a neutral expert, relative to the appropriateness of my child's interpreter services. If there are any such experts acceptable to the District, please provide me with their names and a description of their qualifications. We should be able to agree on a person or persons acceptable to both of us. I believe having a neutral expert observe the situation and report his/her findings holds great promise as a way to resolve our differences of opinions in an amicable fashion. I would be happy to help research possible experts, if the District does not have any immediate suggestions.

Please respond to me in writing.

***  Please note that this article is the intellectual property of Celeste Johnson.  Its presence on this web page is with permission and does not place it in the public domain.  Celeste Johnson retains all rights to this letter.  Feel free to use the information but please do not redistribute it or include it in any published material without first obtaining her permission.

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