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Sensory Integration

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Disability and the Sensory Approach to Rehabilitation - What is it? 

Hemi-Sync and the Facilitation of Sensory Integration

Jen's Sensory Integration Info Site

Sensory Comfort -  products for children and adults who have sensory processing differences.

Sensory Difficulties Can Affect Learning

Sensory Integration - from Family Village Library 

Sensory Integration - from Occupational Therapy Internet World

Sensory Integration Activities

Sensory Integration International (SII)

Sensory Integrative Dysfunction in Young Children


SI Network

SI Table of Contents

Southpaw Enterprises - Sensory Integration and developmental products for the therapeutic professional.

Speech Recognition and Sensory Integration

Symptoms of Sensory Dysfunction

The Out-Of-Sync Child : Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Integration Dysfunction by Carol Stock Kranowitz. ISBN: 0399523863. The first section of the book is on recognizing SI dysfunction and includes a long checklist of characteristics of it. The second part is on coping with it. There are entire chapters in each on the vestibular sense. Visit the Author's Site.

Theory of Sensory Integration

Wilbarger Approach - the "Brushing Technique"

Ten Ways That Confirm You Are a Parent Of a Child With Sensory Issues

1. Instead of lists to organize your schedule, you start doodling Mayor Johnson pictures. 
2. A statement like "Our OT ordered AIT, ASAP, to help with SI" makes perfect sense to you. 
3. You order at a restaurant not necessarily what you have a taste for, but according to food color and texture. 
4. You go new clothes shopping at second-hand shops (no breaking in necessary!). 
5. The barber tools required for your child's haircut includes sedatives, a flashlight or night vision goggles, and a scissors silencer. 
6. You break into hysterical fits of laughter when the doctor sends in only one nurse to give your child his immunization, and she exclaims "It will only take a second!" 
7. Seven different meals need to be prepared for your family of four. 
8. The thought of your child's upcoming dental visit gives you anxiety attacks that require medications and therapy. 
9. You do a dance of victory after dry-kissing your daughter and she doesn't wipe her mouth afterwards. 
10. You start wearing your socks and underwear inside-out because it really does feel more comfortable that way. 

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